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coupon definition: 1. a piece of paper that can be used to get something without paying for it, or at a reduced price. Learn more.
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Because bond prices are constantly in flux, the total price may differ if the investor wants to sell prematurely. The investor may still earn the coupon amount, but may take a loss during the bond sale.

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Drawbacks to yield to maturity include not taking taxes into consideration, which means YTM actually means gross redemption yield. Additionally, the purchase of goods and selling costs are not configured into the YTM calculation. The other drawback to the YTM calculation is that this is a predictive tool and not an absolute measure of return. Your browser is not supported.

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Log In. Billy then replied, "Sean, stop being such a Coupon. Coupons college. The only reason college students read the newspaper.

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Thank God for coupons. An amazing piece of paper. Face, scottish dialect , Irvine Welsh novels.

A coupon is someone that tries to get an advantage in their favour or is unfair in how they act. Uses: to coup someone, to use coupon methods, to be a coupon. Why you coupin'? A physical or more usually conceptual or virtual token for the later provision of oral sex, given by a somewhat cheap person, to someone usually a lover or spouse who has just provided goods or services that cannot be immediately physically or financially reciprocated.